Megan Turner Baxter

Suzanne Champion

“I think in pictures and visualize everything. My mind’s eye looks for what we can’t see in the world, so abstraction resonates with me deeply—yet physical materials of all kinds, and the ways that things are made, have been of intense fascination. My pieces often incorporate metallic tones and/or recall the effects of oxidation and decay or aged and worn industrial coatings. Currently, I’m all about experiments, and odd randomness is welcome. Though my main medium is acrylic paint, I like working on supports from paper to canvas to panel and adding various media such as inks, collage elements, shiny inclusions, and textural materials.” To learn more about Suzanne and her art, visit her website.

Suzanne Ebert

“Why do I paint? I paint because it gives me joy and I love seeing how the whole creative process unfolds. I began painting in my forties after my children were in school. I had been working in the travel industry but career plans changed and now I had time to pursue something I have always loved “art”. I started out in watercolor. I loved the way the paint would flow onto the paper as if it had a mind of it’s own. I loved the playfulness of this medium and the many challenges that went along with it. I have explored watercolor in many ways, most recently with watercolor monotype.” To learn about Suzanne and her art, visit her website.

Riis Griffen

Riis Griffen is a self-taught artist whose mixed media paintings evolve intuitively through many layers of color and texture. She loves outsider art, children’s art, cave paintings and graffiti. Her art is born of the same primal human need for expression, with themes ranging from quirky humor to awkward vulnerability, spirituality, and otherness. A strong believer in community involvement, she has volunteered for Portland Open Studios and taught art to children through Hillsboro’s Bienestar. She is a member of The Village Gallery of Arts, where she served for two years as president of the board of directors. Riis co-founded Affordable Art for Everyone and organized the show from 2015-2017. To learn more about Riis and her art, visit her website.

Debbie Grover

My name is Debbie Grover. I am a woman that encompasses many things. I am spiritual by nature. I believe in love and healing through art. I believe in listening to my dreams and my intuitions. My love for art includes; sculpture, watercolor, pastels, and photography. I use a variety of mixed media in my art. Many of my pieces include a process of rock salt, rubbing alcohol, India ink and or pastels. I derive my inspirations for my art through, my own intuitive processes, while connecting with God, others, and nature.

Lori Hicke

Lori Hicke is a mixed media artist living in the near Portland, Oregon.
She spends her time creating a body of work that is original, one of a kind watercolor and acrylic paintings. Often influenced by travel and her love of flora and fauna. Her whimsical style is translated into lovely floral and playful bird paintings with use of bright colors. Lori’s work can be described as illustrative and grounded in contemporary folk art roots.

Elizabeth Higgins

Elizabeth Higgins is primarily a watercolor artist who has lived in Oregon since 1995, where she maintains a home studio and teaches youth painting classes at the Walters Cultural Arts Center in downtown Hillsboro. She paints because she loves using color and shape to tell stories. With a background in art history, she is especially interested in the events and circumstances that lead artists to create. She is a juried member of Watercolor Society of Oregon, as well as Oregon Society of Artists, Northwest Watercolor Society, Village Gallery of Arts and Westside ArtShare. She shows her work regularly at Village Gallery of Arts in Portland, Oregon. To learn more about Elizabeth and her art, visit her website.

Theresa Kotvis

Theresa Kotvis is a self-taught artist who has been creating daily in her home studio located in Portland, Oregon since 2014. She and her husband moved to Oregon in 1997 and have raised their two daughters there. Theresa works primarily in acrylic, alcohol ink, and acryla gouache to create colorful abstracts. Her style is influenced by stained glass and mosaics and the idea of many pieces creating a whole. The bright color palettes she chooses reflect her desire to capture the luminosity of stained glass on paper. When not in her studio or taking art classes Theresa loves to spend time in nature, especially with her Cavalier named Buddy. To learn more about Theresa and her art, visit her website.

Laura Thode

Carol Zenny